The Best Foosball Tables

Whether you've just redesigned your game room, your kids are spending too much time on their tablets or you're itching to bring the arcade experience home, you've found yourself in search of the perfect foosball table. Your head is spinning with questions about regulation size, at-home assembly, product materials, and more. To save you from any more headaches, our round-up pays close attention to durability and assembly. After all, the last thing you need is a table that’s too flimsy for energetic teens or one that’s impossible to put together. Check out our compilation of the best foosball tables for all your gameplay needs, ranging from an all-in-one-arcade to a professional pitch at half the price.

Best Choice Products 48-Inch Foosball Table

It's All in the Name

There's little competition for this table, especially for first-time buyers.
Best Overall

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If foosball is your game and first-time buyer is your name, look no further. This foosball table is a tad smaller than regulation size, making it ideal for beginners of all ages to develop their skills. At 33 inches, the height makes this table especially kid-friendly. Don’t worry about the longevity of this pitch, either. Best Choice Products uses sturdy composite wood and chrome-finished steel rods to ensure durability for years to come. Though this table isn’t full of flourishes, it does include the classic sliding scorekeeper and two handy cupholders for games that go into overtime.


  • The smaller size makes it ideal for tighter spaces
  • Realistic, clean finish on the composite wood
  • Suggested age is 3+, meaning no one sits on the sidelines


  • Assembly can be challenging if you rush through it

Giantex 3-in-1 Multi-Game Table

Multi-Game in One Frame

Including pool and glide hockey, this foosball table scores a hattrick with ease.
Best Multi-Game Table

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The Giantex 3-in-1 table makes game night a breeze. Start out the evening shooting pool on the blue billiards table, complete with a ball set, cue, and triangle. When you’ve sunk the 8-ball one too many times, top the table with the glide hockey addition and knock around the puck for a bit. Trade out ice for grass by flipping the rink upside down and round out the night with a heated foosball tournament. With so much included for so little, it’s no wonder the Giantex 3-in-1 scores big points on our list.


  • 32.5-inch total height makes it accessible for kids
  •  Leg levelers allow for an even playing field
  • The reversible portion locks into the base, providing ample stability
  • Purchase includes everything needed for gameplay


  • Glide hockey doesn’t stand up to true “air hockey” experience
  • Billiards pockets are a touch small

Rally and Roar Tabletop Foosball

Top of the Table, Top of the Line

Rally and Roar's tabletop model ensures you're not trading portability for performance.
Best Tabletop

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Cornhole and Kan-Jam have some stiff tailgate competition; though foosball is normally relegated to game rooms or pay-to-play arcades, Rally and Roar are bringing it to a foldable table near you. Fine-tune your ball handling and scoring skills with this miniature version of the classic game, ideal for two adults or four kids. While cheaper portable pitches are plastic, this model is made of the same composite wood that regular tables use, making it sturdy and durable. Your players have plenty of strength, too, thanks to chrome-plated bars and non-slip rubber gripping.


  • Portable and still a reasonable length at 40 inches
  • Durable composite wood construction with a padded base to prevent scratching
  • Includes pre-assembled players


  • Not the most stable, especially for aggressive spinners

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

All the Fun, None of the Wait

Bring the arcade home with this slick and sturdy model from ESPN.
Best Arcade Aesthetic

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Completing your Sports Center man cave has never been easier. The ESPN Arcade Foosball Table fits right in design-wise — just make sure you have the space for it. It’s short of regulation size by just a few hash marks, so the recommended room size is no less than 6 by 8 feet. This model also has increased durability with 5/8-inch diameter chrome-plated metal rods, which are slightly thicker than the other products we’ve mentioned. With a clean and classic look, this is definitely worthy of the Sports Center Top 10.


  • Oversized leg levelers allow for an even playing field
  • Full-paneled leg support provides maximum stability
  • Players are easily assembled without tools


  • Pressboard laminate is not as durable
  •  Complicated and long table assembly

Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table

Play Like a Pro

This pro-quality pitch at half the pro-price makes it a must-have for dedicated foosball players.
Most Professional Pitch

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Though this table might seem pricey at first, there’s no denying its professional quality far exceeds the listed cost. Something as simple as a no-hose ball return makes this model more reliable and durable than its counterparts. Wooden handles and counter-balanced players drastically improve the user’s touch and ball control. For those who might favor a heavy-handed approach, the rod guard system keeps opponents safe from stray rods. It’s rare to find a reasonable regulation table anywhere except a sporting goods store, making this Amazon pick an even more attractive buy.


  • Tournament certified by both USTSF and ITSF organizations
  • Counter-balanced players
  • Integrated leg levers with swivel base, allowing for even gameplay


  • Very heavy at 195 pounds
  • Longer assembly than advertised

Frequently Asked Questions

What is regulation size and how important is it?

Regulation size tables measure 56″x 30″x 36″ (LxWxH), but you probably don’t need to be concerned if your table doesn’t meet the standard. First-time buyers, especially those with kids in mind, should consider how long they want to keep their foosball table around. 48-inch tables can provide plenty of space and gameplay while proving a better fit in tighter spaces. We’d recommend holding off on a bigger table until you or your child know that foosball has gone from a pastime to a passion. Nonetheless, pro-level tables tend to be more durable, so keep an open mind if you or your teen is looking to “foos” for years to come.

Why are most tables made of composite wood or pressboard laminate?

Composite wood and pressboard laminate have additional flexibility and a slight springiness to them, meaning they’re ideal for lining and constructing foosball tables. That way, your pseudo-pitch isn’t pockmarked with dents after one game and the table doesn’t splinter if someone plays a little too aggressively. Just be sure you know what you’re buying, so you’re not kicking yourself when the table shows up.

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